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Digital toys for cool kids

Minus is more

He who laughs last,
laughs best!

Inés en Babia.

D5EN5 Five Together are working non-stop. We´ve finished our second app and we´re starting to get the hang of it. Check everything that "Tickling" can do on this video and show off your smile. Upsy-daisy!

de 5 en 5

An application designed for preschool kids.
Simple, for children and very musical.

Disponible en App Store

A great application to train little fingers
and to have a laugh. Oh, yeah!

Disponible en App Store
Minus lab

This is our special proposal of workshops for children on technology research, where adults only watch and learn. An attempt to grow professionally and to share small experiences to help us develop better ideas.
Minus LAB opens its doors!
Who´s in?

We have already done some minusLAB activities. If you are interested, follow them on the blog

Values to grow

These are the values that we would like to give our children and that we try to practice on a daily basis.
  • Being independent
  • Not fearing the unknown
  • Taking risks and measuring the leap
  • Trusting others
  • Having fun while learning
  • Keep playing
  • Being flexible
  • Smiling and insisting

We will organize many fun activities. Please share your e-mail address with us to keep you informed.

Who´s behind

THE TEAM If you get Inés Domínguez Lloréns and Esther Freire, who are the founders of the social communication agency En Babia, together with the guys from Seisdeagosto, who are specialists in the interaction and definition of digital products, fun is assured.

Minus is more than a brand. It is a dream come true that has just started and that we want to share.

Minuscule research

AND THE BLOG History tells us about daily moments, unnoticeable details or coincidences that led Humanity to Great Discoveries. This happens with many things that are written with capital letters, but what if we wrote our experiments with small letters? We then find a belated vocation... When I grow up I want to be a blogger! Please, come in and smile.

C/ Fernando VI 17 4D
28004 Madrid. Spain.
+34 913 087 400
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