Does Samantha Control The Zombies?

How do you release Samantha in origins?

Put all the Staves back in their stands in the Crazy Place.

Then kill zombies until a portal opens.

After completing this step, Samantha will be freed and you will receive the achievement.

If you want to end the game and see the Cut Scene you can go to Step 12, the bonus step..

Who is Maxis in Black Ops?

Doctor Ludvig Maxis is an antagonist, later supporting character of the Zombies storyline, the lead scientist part of the project known as “Der Riese” and was the father of Samantha Maxis.

Is Samantha Richtofen’s sister?

His “sister” could be Samantha. …

Is Eddie Edward Richtofen?

Eddie is an alternate child incarnation of Edward Richtofen in the Revelations timeline. He lives in a perfect universe with Samantha Maxis, along with the reincarnated original child versions of Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki.

Why did richtofen kill himself?

He must sacrifice himself so that Revelations Richtofen can break the cycle and prevent the anticlimactic events of Revelations from happening. The key to completing that mission is, unfortunately, the Aether-rich blood of Primis Richtofen.

What happened to Samantha and Eddie?

After the events of Moon, Samantha is left in Richtofen’s body until her father’s plan can come to fruition ten years later. … After the cycle of the universe is broken, Samantha and Eddie are teleported away from the house by her father, Maxis, to Camp Edward to prevent Monty from killing the both of them.

Who voices Samantha in Call of Duty?

Julie NathansonJulie Nathanson, voice actress of Samantha Maxis, confirmed she also voiced Samantha in Origins in addition to BO1 and 4 : CODZombies.

Who is Dr Monty?

Monty is a god-like Ethereal Being who makes an Appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. He is the Creator of The Gobble Gum, and also had a hand in the creation of the Perks, as well as the Power-Up drop. He is a member of the ancient Keeper race, and is currently in control of Agartha.

Why does Nikolai kill everyone?

Nikolai duty was to break the cycle by killing everyone. This is why in the cutscene we see everyone dead because Nikolai has poison their drinks. Nikolai explains pretty much that the reason all this was happening because they existed. … To make a false story about the Great War so Nikolai could kill everyone.

Why are the zombies eyes red in Alcatraz?

Monty UNTIL the eyes turned red, exactly after Mont first contacted us directly. He didn’t stay on the sideline anymore, and because he is the most powerful being near them, the zombies take Dr. Monty’s favorized color, which is red.

Is Dr Monty and Apothicon?

Despite being a Keeper and not an Apothicon, Doctor Monty’s true form is revealed to be extremely similar to that of the Shadowman’s. This is due to the fact that he, like the Shadowman, was corrupted by the Dark Aether.

Is Call of Duty Zombies really over?

Watch. COD Zombies has been one fo the most played game modes in the gaming franchise. This game mode is available in a number of COD games but it has been discontinued since March 2020.

What is Tank Dempsey real name?

“Meet “Tank” Dempsey, your worst nightmare!” Corporal “Tank” Dempsey, is a main character who first appears in Call of Duty Zombies.

Who is Samantha in cod zombies?

For the uninitiated, Samantha Maxis is a prominent antagonist from the Zombies storyline. She has featured in almost every Zombies gameplay released by Activision until now. She is the daughter of Ludvig Maxis, whose body was possessed by Edward Richtofen. He replaced her as the Demonic Announcer via his ultimate plan.

Why do zombies say Sam?

They Yell Sam because they are all big Frodos from LOTR….

Why did Samantha kill Nikolai?

Nikolai and others must never know that Samantha is Nikolai’s wife and Richtofen killed her, so that they together could follow Monty’s plan. (By the “truth” Maxis could also mean that Primis characters never mattered, and they will be wiped from existance as soon as the plan is succeded.

How did richtofen die?

It misspells Richthofen’s name as “Richthoven” and simply states that he had “died 21 April 1918, from wounds sustained in combat”.

Is Dr Monty The Shadow Man?

Shadow man is the Original Apothicon though. I imagine that Dr. Monty presents himself how he does just as the Shadow Man does in SoE and Rev. The Shadow Man eventually transforms into his real form as an Apothicon, but we never saw a ‘true form’ of Dr.