Question: What Does It Mean If Something Is Pathological?

What are pathological symptoms?

Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms + Abnormal anatomical or physiological conditions and objective or subjective manifestations of disease, not classified as disease or syndrome..

What is a pathological fear?

Pathological anxiety is conceptualized as an exaggerated fear state in which hyperexcitability of fear circuits that include the amygdala and extended amygdala (i.e., bed nucleus of the stria terminalis) is expressed as hypervigilance and increased behavioral responsivity to fearful stimuli.

What is a pathological relationship?

Introduction: Pathological love (PL)–behavior characterized by providing repetitive and uncontrolled care and attention to the partner in a romantic relationship–is a rarely studied condition, despite not being rare and causing suffering.

What are pathological tests?

Pathology means the study of disease and its causes and progression. Pathology tests cover blood tests, and tests on urine, stools (faeces) and bodily tissues. If you’re sick, many of the decisions about your care will be based on the results of your blood and pathology tests.

What does being pathological mean?

If something is caused by a physical or mental disease, it is pathological. Someone with a pathological compulsion for cleanliness might scrub the floors for hours every night. … If a person has, for example, obsessive-compulsive disorder, his or her repetitive actions are pathological.

What are corner cases in Python?

When both x and y are zero, it is a corner case because it requires a special value for both variables. If either x or y but not both are zero, these are edge cases.

What does pathological mean in psychology?

Description. Psychological pathology is the study of the causes, components, course, and consequences of psychological disorders. These are characterized by abnormality and dysfunction.

What does it mean to live a pathological life?

Pathological definitions The definition of pathological is someone obsessive or something done obsessively, or it is something related to a disease. An example of something that would be described as pathological is pathological gambling which is gambling obsessively until you lose your entire life savings.

What is a math pathologist?

Mathematical pathology is a research branch of pathology in which mathematics and physical principles are applied to the study of diseases. In the field of cancer research, the objective of mathematical pathology is to model and explain the structural and functional mechanisms that control cancer.

What does pathological in nature mean?

Pathologic: 1. Indicative of or caused by disease, as in a pathologic fracture, pathologic tissue, or pathologic process. 2. Pertaining to pathology, the branch of medicine that studies disease and especially the essential nature of disease.

What is a pathological case?

Department of Pathology Normally, these are cases of greater than normal clinical interest, cases with unusual symptoms and/or diagnostic findings, or cases involving rare diseases or conditions.

What are pathological personality traits?

These pathological personality traits are maladaptive variants of the Big Five personality dimensions of emotional stability (negative affectivity), low extraversion (detachment), low agreeableness (antagonism), low conscientiousness (disinhibition), and openness (psychoticism; Thomas et al., 2013).

What is another word for pathology?

What is another word for pathology?botanyanatomycytologyecologygeneticshorticulturemorphologyphysiologyphytologypomology5 more rows

What is Corner test case?

In engineering, a corner case (or pathological case) involves a problem or situation that occurs only outside of normal operating parameters—specifically one that manifests itself when multiple environmental variables or conditions are simultaneously at extreme levels, even though each parameter is within the specified …

How do you use pathological in a sentence?

Pathological in a Sentence 🔉My sister is a pathological liar who never tells the truth about anything. … Because Will is a pathological gambler, he will steal from his family to continue his habit. … The millionaire’s pathological need for affection causes him to buy expensive gifts for his friends.More items…

What are some pathological diseases?

Diseases & ConditionsCancer.Blood disorders.Infectious diseases.Neonatal disorders.Hemophilia.Stroke.Poisoning.HIV/AIDS.More items…