Question: Which Country Banned Zoom?

Which countries have banned zoom?

Zoom banned in over 20 countriesBelarus.Burundi.Central African Republic.Cuba.Democratic Republic of the Congo.Iran.Iraq.Lebanon.More items…•.

Why is Zoom getting banned?

The growth in users led to security flaws and even Zoom CEO Eric Yuan admitted the fault as the company moved too fast and made missteps. Corporate companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft are banning the usage of Zoom followed by the government across the world.

Does zoom work internationally?

Yes, Zoom works globally. You can start or join a meeting from any international location using PC, Mac, & Linux , Android & iOS , H. 323/SIP devices or telephone dial-in. If you are on a corporate network, please also see security settings for firewall or proxy servers.

Is Zoom app banned by Google?

Google has banned the Zoom app from all employee computers over ‘security vulnerabilities’ Google has banned the use of Zoom on employees’ computers, according to a new report. The company alerted employees last week that it would disable the service, citing security vulnerabilities.