Quick Answer: What Does COP Stand For In Healthcare?

What is CSN network?

CSN: a network protocol for serving dynamic queries in large-scale wireless sensor networks.

Distributed hash table (DHT) based Internet peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols provide near-optimum data lookup times for queries made on networks of distributed nodes..

What does CSN stand for in healthcare?

Contact Serial NumberContact Serial Number. A unique value used to identify something, such as a patient encounter. One inpatient stay can consist of several CSNs (i.e. labs, radiology, and other ancillary care all receive their own CSN). Once it is assigned, the CSN does not change.

What is CoP in billing?

Code of Practice (“CoP”), after an industry consultation conducted. between May and June 2011. 2. , for the purpose of providing guidance to. licensees on (a) the general requirements of billing information which shall be provided in the bills to their customers and (b) the general requirements of payment collection.

What is the full form of CSN?

CSNConfédération des Syndicats Nationaux International » FrenchCSNCustomer Services Network Business » General BusinessCSNCompaq Services Network Computing » NetworkingCSNCommon Shareholder Number Business » Stock ExchangeCSNCertified Sports Nutritionist Miscellaneous » Awards & Medals20 more rows

What does gas mean in medical terms?

G.A.S., the acronym for General Adaptation Syndrome, is divided into three stages.

What is a patient MRN?

Definition: The medical record number is organization specific. The number is used by the hospital as a systematic documentation of a patient´s medical history and care during each hospital stay.

What does COP stand for in medical terms?

Cryptogenic organizing pneumoniaCryptogenic organizing pneumonia (COP) is a form of interstitial lung disease where the small airways (bronchioles) and alveoli (tiny air sacs) become inflamed, leading to difficulty breathing and flu-like illness.

What does the abbreviation COP mean?

Close Of PlayThe abbreviation COP is a cliché used in business to mean “Close Of Play”. It signifies the end of the working day. It is thought that the term originated in cricket or tennis, which are both sports where the end of a day’s play is not necessarily the end of the match.

What does its stand for in healthcare?

Instrumentation Technical Services ServiceInstrumentation Technical Services. Service, Business, Company. ITS.