Quick Answer: Who Killed Reg The Chi?

Who shot reg on the chi?

In The Chi Season 2 finale, fans were shocked to see Reggie, played by Barton Fitzpatrick, getting shot by assailants on motorcycles.

His friend ran to get help before the screen cut to black and fans were left waiting to find out what happened until the third season..

Who killed Ronnie on the chi?

Ronnie found a shot at redemption this season by saving Keisha (Burgundi Baker) from sexual slavery. But in the penultimate Season 3 episode, just after Tracy introduces Ronnie to his granddaughter, one of Coogie’s friends fatally shoots Ronnie.

How did Brandon die on Chi?

The show implied that Brandon was murdered on the mean streets of Chicago, just like his brother, Coogie (Jahking Guillory). Brandon’s mother, Laverne, played by Sonja Sohn, gave an emotional eulogy. She started by asking how many, “mother’s out there had to bury a child.

What did Ronnie do on the chi?

‘ There was just this ultimate tale of redemption.” Episode nine ends with Ronnie being shot in cold blood. There’s no build-up to the murder. Many fans are questioning why his character is killed off after his huge victory.

Did Brandon really die on the chi?

What happened to Brandon on ‘The Chi’ Moments into the first episode of season 3, viewers were taken to Brandon’s funeral. His mother Laverne gave an emotional eulogy before family and friends said their final goodbyes. But there is no explanation whatsoever in regards to how he died.

Why did the guy from the chi get fired?

Jason Mitchell, who was fired from the Showtime series “The Chi” last spring due to allegations about his off-camera behavior, was interviewed on “The Breakfast Club” Monday. … According to Mitchell, during pre-production on the movie, he went out one night with a coworker and “she got drunk.

Who died on the chi?

BrandonOne of them is about the

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death of the show’s main character Brandon, played by now-fired actor Jason Mitchell. Scroll down for everything we know about how he died.

What happened to Quentin on the chi?

More like, what didn’t happen to Quentin on Chi. By now everyone knows that the neighborhood kingpin elder is Quentin. He has returned recently to stake his claim, as he was gone for a while. He seems to retain civility to a degree though his work is illegal.

Did the Chi end?

The Chi has been renewed for a fourth season which will debut (TBD).

Is Keisha dead on Chi?

And then there’s Kiesha. She’s alive, thank God.

Why is Sonja Sohn not on the chi?

Sohn played Laverne Johnson, the mother of Jason Mitchell’s Brandon, on the first two seasons. Mitchell was dropped from the series in May over allegations of inappropriate behavior. Showtime declined comment Monday.