Quick Answer: Why Is Amanda Asked Not To Eat Chocolate?

What is Amanda asked not to do why?

Q2: What is Amanda asked to do or not to do.

A: Amanda is asked not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders and not to eat chocolate.

She is asked to sit up straight, to finish her homework, to tidy her room and to clean her shoes.

In fact, she is constantly asked to do this or not to do that..

Why does Amanda want Rapunzel?

Amanda wants to be Rapunzel to live a peaceful life in a tower where no one gives any instruction and she does not have to do any work. She does not want to escape with a prince like Rapunzel.

What does Amanda say I am Rapunzel?

Amanda thought that Life in tower is tranquil and rare. Amanda wanted to lead a peaceful life. So, she wanted to be Rapunzel. In that case, there would be nobody to disturb her.

How does Amanda feel?

She feels that Amanda is always moody and keeps on behaving like that she must stop sulking and feeling unhappy. Otherwise, people will think that Amanda is unhappy because her mother is always nagging at her.

What is Amanda suffering from?

Amanda Bynes has, reportedly, been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, two mental illnesses that can control of a person’s life when experienced alone, so the combination is without a doubt wreaking havoc on this young woman’s very public life.

What will Amanda not do if she is Rapunzel?

She will not let her hair down. She feels that in that tall tower, she would do everything she wants to without anyone nagging her. She also says that she wouldn’t let her hair down unlike Rapunzel. By this, she means to say that she wouldn’t let anyone come inside the tower because she longs to live alone and freely.

What did Rapunzel do with her bright hair?

She led a peaceful life in a tower in which she was imprisoned by a witch. She let her hair fall down from the castle for her lover to climb upholding them.

What does the elderly lady think of Amanda?

Answer: Amanda too feels pestered since her mother’s keeps constantly nagging her. Amanda is always pointed at for her mistakes and small things such as like not sitting straight and hunching and slouching while sitting, not cleaning her shoes and her room, not completing her homework, and so on.

What does the speaker forbid Amanda eat?

Answer: The speaker forbids her to eat chocolate but the little girl does not even look at the speaker because she does not like this type of restrictions. She considers herself to be Rapunzel and yearns that some prince will come for the sake of her liberty.

What does the girl Amanda yearn for?

What does the girl yearn for? … The girl yearns for a life full of freedom. Amanda represents many children of her age who are victims of the too much control of their parents. Such children tend to live their freedoms in their thoughts.

In what way eating a chocolate would affect Amanda?

She can’t sit lazily around, she can’t eat chocolate for that could cause acne. Life of Amanda is very suffocating and limited in itself.

What type of girl is Amanda?

moody girlAmanda is a moody girl. She is nagged most of the time. She often escapes from reality, which makes her moody and uninterested.

Why Will Amanda not let down her bright hair?

Amanda will not let down her bright hair because she is always being nagged by her mother. … Rapunzel is free to open her hair and let her bright hair fall from the tower. Amanda wishes to have a life of Rapunzel where no one is there to nag her. But she will never let her hair fall from the tower.

What could Amanda do if she were a mermaid?

Answer: If Amanda were a mermaid, then she would drift slowly on a languid emerald sea. She would be the sole inhabitant of the relaxed green sea and would move slowly on it.

What was Amanda to finish?

Answer: Amanda is asked to finish her homework . It shows that she is a school-going girl.

Why does Amanda want to orphan?

She says so because she wants to be alone and enjoy being herself she wants to roam around in the street alone and pattern dust with her barefeet. She finds silence ‘golden’ and freedom ‘sweet’. It is for this reason that she calls herself an orphan.

What was Amanda asked to clean?

Answer: Amanda is asked to do her homework, she is asked to tidy her room and she is asked to clean his shoe. … She is asked to sit up straight, to finish her homework, to tidy her room and to clean her shoes. In fact, she is constantly asked to do this or not to do that.

What is the message of the poem Amanda?

Answer: The poem conveys the message that childrem need to be allowed more liberty. Excessive nagging makes them defiant and they turn a deaf ear to the instructions of the elders. They develop a kind of dislike for real life and start escaping into the world of dreams and imagination .